Three Ways To Get A Free Haircut

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Three Ways To Get A Free Haircut

5 March 2015
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Getting a haircut can be very costly, especially if you want your hair to look nice or stylish. You're essentially paying someone a hefty amount of money to remove hair. You're not getting anything, you're losing it. It is very possible to save tons of money by getting a free haircut. There are several ways to obtain a free haircut, but some do include risks.


Donate your hair to a charity or company that makes human hair wigs for people with cancer or illnesses that causes hair loss. Many stylist shops will cut your hair free of charge if you plan to donate it for a good cause. There are some rules when it comes to hair donation for wigs. Your hair has to be a certain length and often it must be bleach-free. Some companies will allow dyed hair. If you have long hair and want a new short haircut, this is the best way to get it done freely.

Beauty and Cosmetology Schools

Students just learning how to cut hair have to practice on someone. That someone could be you. In return for being a guinea pig for students, you get a free haircut. Keep in mind that these students are learning the basics, so don't expect a high-end hair style. If you want something simple or just need a trim then this is a good option. There is the risk that the student will mess up, but if that happens the teacher generally fixes it for you.


How about becoming a hair model? This is similar to going to a cosmetology school for a free haircut, except you will end up with a fancier style. Salons need to teach new techniques or styles to other workers or students. You can volunteer as a model to help. You'll either receive the haircut and trendy hairstyle by the teacher or head stylist while the others watch, or you'll be given the cut and style from the person learning. You don't have to worry so much about a mess up because these are already professionals. The problem is that you don't know what you'll end up with for a hairstyle. It just might be something that doesn't fit your personality at all.

All three of these options will get you a free haircut from simple to high-fashion like those on the catwalk. Even with the risks, you save tons of money by volunteering and helping others. Talk to experts like Serge's Wigs for more information.