The Spray Tan: Five Bronzing Beauty Questions Answered

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The Spray Tan: Five Bronzing Beauty Questions Answered

17 April 2015
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If traditional tanning or tanning beds have you feeling nervous or squeamish, you should try a spray tan. A spray tan can be done gradually, or you can darken quickly to look like you just came back from a sunny beach vacation. If you need more information on how spray tans work, read the following.

What Is the Difference Between a Spray Tan and a Bronzer?

A bronzer is usually a powder or liquid you spread over your skin. It is the equivalent to wearing makeup or foundation all over your body. Some bronzers include self-tanning chemicals such that after you wash some of the bronzer off, the changes in skin tone underneath remain. A spray tan is similar, but it does not wash off quite so easily. The tanning product stays on much longer, even if you shower or go swimming every day. The coloration in a spray tan is much more uniform too. You do not end up looking like an Oompa-Loompa after a spray tan is applied.

Do I Have to Be Naked to Get a Spray Tan?

No, but if you want to avoid tan lines, you might want to strip to the buff. Most men wear a Speedo and the ladies usually opt for a bikini with a bandeau top and no tie strings to reduce the appearance of tan lines. If you choose to wear a bikini, make sure it is a cheap one that you do not mind coating in tanning spray because it will not wash out. There are also private, stand-up spray tan booths if you would prefer to be in the buff but do not want an aesthetician to do the spraying.

Can a Spray Tan Protect Me From Sunburn?

No, a spray tan cannot protect you from the sun's rays. There are no UVA/UVB protectants in a spray tan. If you plan to hit the beach within a few minutes of spray tanning, keep covered up for a little while until the spray tan has thoroughly dried. Then apply a good sunscreen and enjoy showing off your "tan".

How Much Does a Spray Tan Cost?

The price depends on who is doing the spraying, whether or not you are using a private spray booth, and whether or not you go to a high-end aesthetician at a pricey salon. Some aestheticians will come to your home, but it will cost you more. The average cost is between $25 and $50, although private sessions at home can run into the hundreds. Given the price of a package deal on a traditional tanning bed and the expenses associated with skin cancer, a spray tan is a bargain.

What Happens If I Develop an Allergic Reaction?

There is a chance that you could be allergic to the chemicals, but you can test the spray chemical first before you spray your entire body. Some women make the mistake of thinking they will get a spray tan for a special occasion, such as a wedding, and then they do it the day before the event only to discover that their skin does not like the chemicals at all. Ask your aesthetician to test a small unseen area on your body first before you pay for a complete tan and discover that you are one of the allergic few.

Work with a tanning salon, like Tan Your Hide, to learn more and see if spray tanning is right for you.