How To Keep Your New Tattoo Vibrant This Summer

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How To Keep Your New Tattoo Vibrant This Summer

22 July 2015
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Many people think that there is nothing they can do to prevent damage to a new tattoo in the summer heat short of staying indoors all through the summer months. However, just because you got a tattoo doesn't mean you can't enjoy the great outdoors this summer. Properly moisturizing and washing the tattoo will help the skin heal faster and prevent colors from losing their vibrancy.

The tips below can help keep your new tattoo intact and can easily be incorporated into your daily grooming regime.

UV protection

Even if your tattoo is in a discreet spot where it isn't exposed to the UV light, it is still at risk of fading without proper summer care. Always ensure that you cover your newly-healed or healing tattoo with sunscreen every time you are to spend extended periods of time exposed to sunlight, such as when at the beach.

This is especially true for a tattoo that is about a week or two old, as it is in its delicate healing stage and can easily fade when exposed to the elements. At this stage, any UV penetration to the skin will bleach the tattoo, increase the risk of  the affected area developing melanoma or other skin diseases, or cause darker colors to spread.

To ensure you are always protected when outdoors, carry a chap stick with sunblock and outline the inked skin any time you feel it burning or itching due to UV exposure. Be careful not to use any petroleum-based sunblock, however, as it may block your pores and slow down the healing process.

Beware of water

With the sun out, it is tempting to take a dip in the pool or go for some fun at the beach. But you should remember that any prolonged soaking of your tattoo in water or chlorine will damage the tattoo in its initial healing stage and should be avoided at all costs for at least a month or so.

Avoid hot tubs while bathing and take light showers instead to prevent soaking the tattooed skin for long. Also, while showering, try to prevent too much water from running directly over the tattoo to prevent fading, and avoid scrubbing the area so as not to scrap off healing skin.

Keeping a tattoo bold and bright during the summer is possible if you keep it clean and moisturized, as well as follow the above tips.

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