Learning More About Your Choices For Colored Contact Lenses

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Learning More About Your Choices For Colored Contact Lenses

17 February 2016
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

If you always make sure the color of your clothing enhances your eye color, you may be interested in knowing you can start changing the color of your eyes to match the clothing you wear instead. Today, fashionable colored and designer contact lenses make it possible for you to have any eye color you wish at any time. Learn more about how you can dramatically change the look of eyes.

Colored Lenses: Prescription, Circle And Plano Choices Available

You may already wear traditional corrective contact lenses for vision troubles like astigmatism or myopia and wonder if you would be able to wear fashionable colored lenses that are also corrective. You should know that several colors and styles of designer contact lenses are available that you can get as prescription lenses. Your optometrist can help you get the colors you would like to have for changing your eye color. Plano contact lenses are ones that are not corrective and can be worn by people that do not require a prescription for vision correction. Circle lenses are designed to not only change the color of eyes, but to also make them appear larger.

Colored Lenses Can Be Used For Subtle And Dramatic Changes

How you want to change your eye color determines the types of colored lenses you will need to purchase. Colored lenses are available in three types, each one offering a different look or benefit for your eye color. The three types of lenses you should consider before making final choices include:

  • Opaque Lenses: People with dark colored eyes that want a complete color change should choose opaque lenses. Opaque lenses are not transparent where the color of the iris is, allowing you to change dark brown eyes to vivid bright blues and greens.

  • Enhancement Lenses: If your eyes are a light, and you would like to enhance their color, you can do so using enhancement lenses. Enhancement lenses have a slight dark tint that works to increase the glow of your eye's own color. If you would prefer to change your eye's color in a subtle manner, translucent lenses can help you do so.

  • Visibility Lenses: This type of lens does not dramatically change your natural eye color, only having a light green or blue tint for making it easier on you putting them in and taking them out. If you drop one these lenses, the tint also enables you to see it better.

Before you make choices about colored contact lenses, discussing it with your eye doctor is a good idea.