How Hair Extensions Can Save Your Summer Hair

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How Hair Extensions Can Save Your Summer Hair

27 May 2016
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The dog days of summer mean swimming pools, late nights, and long days out in the sun. While this is enjoyable in most ways, the one part of you that may not love the summer is your hair. Hair is exposed to a lot more UV rays during the summer. And some summer activities, like swimming pools, have a harsh affect on the hair. Here are some ways that hair extensions can help to save your summer hair. 

No more heavy manipulation

No matter how healthy your hair is, excessive hair manipulation can cause problems. If you swim, go to barbeques, or go to the beach, your hair likely gets dirty and needs to be washed more often. All of this washing can cause your hair to become dry and stringy. With extensions, your hair can be protected underneath the hairstyle and you wont have to worry about your hair drying out, even with daily washing. 

You can heat style with the weather

If you live in a humid environment, or if you plan to go out regularly during the summer, you may find that your hair needs more styling. If your hair tends to get frizzy in the humidity or if it flattens in the dry heat, extensions can solve this problem. Human hair extensions can be heat styled just like your own hair. The best part is you can style the hair daily and nightly without worrying about damage. Feel free to break out the hot rollers during the day and the flat iron at night with no problem. 

Moisture is easier

If you suffer from dry hair and scalp, leaving your hair exposed to the heat and shampooed more regularly can make things even worse. If dry hair gets even drier, it becomes less flexible and easier to break. With extensions, you can get your hair braided beneath the extension hair. This means that you can use dry shampoo, rather than having to shampoo daily. You can also apply oil to your hair and scalp to keep it moisturized and in good condition. 

Human hair can be dyed

Drying your hair, then going out in the hot sun regularly can spell disaster. This can cause hair to become fried and stringy if you are not protecting it regularly. If you want a bleached look or if you want to make your hair lighter for the summer, dye the extensions any shade you want before they are applied to your hair. This will give you the bright, summer look you want without depleting the health of your hair strands. 

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