Brighter Than The Sun: How To Tan Your Ghostly White Skin Without Sunlight

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Brighter Than The Sun: How To Tan Your Ghostly White Skin Without Sunlight

28 July 2016
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Not everyone is born with deep skin tones that are envied by everyone around you. It takes a lot just to strip down to your bathing suit to catch some rays. For people who are embarrassed to show just how white their skin is, there are ways to add a rich brown tint to your skin without even stepping out into the sun. The homemade tanning lotions listed below will give your skin that healthy kick of brown color you are looking for. As an added bonus, they won't give your skin the streak of orange that many sun tan lotions leave behind.

Cocoa Powder And White Lotion

For a deep tan for your skin, you need to use a combination of cocoa powder and white lotion. The cocoa powder is dark enough to make it look like you worked for that beautiful dark skin tone. You always want to use white lotion so that your sun tan lotion doesn't have a funky hue to it. It's best to use a lotion that also hydrates your skin, so your skin can be dark and soft all at the same time.

In a small bowl, mix together one-half cup of cocoa powder and two-thirds cup of white lotion. Mix these two ingredients together until they are evenly blended. If the ingredients are not blended evenly, it will be noticeable on your skin. Apply the solution into your skin just as you would with any other lotion. After you are done with the first coat, let your skin absorb it. When it's dry, you'll be able to tell if you need another coat or not. Place a lid on the bowl and stick it in the bathroom. You can rub yourself down with it after your shower every morning.

Black Tea And White Lotion

This recipe is perfect if you are only looking for a sun-kissed look. The black tea will not only give you a natural looking tan, it will also keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. You can also add a tablespoon of vanilla if the end result isn't quite as dark as you would like it.

Boil five black tea bags in a pot of water on the stove. Once it comes to a boil, remove it from the heat and let it cool to room temperature. When it is cool enough to touch, pour one-half cup of the tea into a small bowl with one cup of lotion. When these two ingredients are mixed together, apply the solution to your skin just as you would with your regular lotion. Once again, you want the solution to dry and absorb into your skin before your reapply. Only when it's dry will you know if it is the desired tone you want.

Though you may not have been born with natural sun-kissed skin, there are ways to cheat and make it look like you are naturally dark. By using one of the niffy little cheating lotions listed above, you can get the tone you are looking for without even stepping out into the sun.