Cleaning Beauty: How To Incorporate A Beauty Regimen Into Your Bath

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Cleaning Beauty: How To Incorporate A Beauty Regimen Into Your Bath

29 September 2016
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Bath time can be an intensely relaxing period of your day where you're able to just sit back, relax, and let the stress of modern life float away. But if you want your baths to be a little more proactive than simply a place to relax – after all, you can relax just as much with a nap – then how can you turn your tub into another productive step in your beauty routine? If you're looking for ideas on how to make your bath work not only as a cleansing ritual but also as a place to beautify yourself, then here are a few suggestions you might want to know.

Use the Steam

Rare is the person who prefers cold baths to warm ones, but did you know your hot water preference can actually help to open up your pores as well? Steam is a great way to open up and purify your pores, helping to get rid of harmful traces of makeup or dirt that can get stuck in there and cause rashes and breakouts. Turn the dial on your bath water up a few more notches than normal and securely close your bathroom door to get a full head of steam in the room and let the impurities wash away.

Try Some Bath Bombs

Modern bath bombs aren't just little packets of glitter to make your bath look a little more visually interesting – they're an essential part of a bath-centered beauty regimen. Bath bombs nowadays have essential oils, relaxing fragrances, and even moisturizers hidden beneath their multicolored shells, giving you a bath that's colorful and fun and helps your skin along to a better place. Look for natural oils in the ingredient list on your bath bomb, or ask a salesperson what their recommendation is for someone who wants a beautifying bath bomb – they'll be able to point you towards a ball that really is all that. Check out companies like Flowersong LLC to get started.

Focus on Your Face

The rest of your body might be underwater, but your face doesn't really get to benefit from being submerged in hot, bath-bomb-laced water, so you'll want to pull in a different beauty routine here – the face mask. Nutrient-rich face masks are essential in keeping the thin, delicate skin on your face clean, soft, and bright, and what better time to use a face mask than when you're already sitting still and doing nothing? Your bath will be long enough for your face to soak in everything the mask can give it, while helping shave precious time off your nighttime skin care routine – which is a win any way you look at it.