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A Daily Skin Routine

When I was younger, I didn’t think much about protecting my fair porcelain skin. I regularly sunbathed without ever dabbing on sunscreen. During the winter months, I would allow my face and hands to become extremely dry. Now that I’m starting to get older, I value my skin’s appearance much more. I’ve already started to develop fine lines under my eyes and around my mouth. I strive to do everything in my power to stay vibrant and young. My daily skin routine includes using an exfoliating facial cleanser and applying moisturizer. I also use a home microdermabrasion system 3 times each week. On this blog, you will learn how to start a daily skin routine.

Cleaning Beauty: How To Incorporate A Beauty Regimen Into Your Bath

29 September 2016
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Bath time can be an intensely relaxing period of your day where you're able to just sit back, relax, and let the stress of modern life float away. But if you want your baths to be a little more proactive than simply a place to relax – after all, you can relax just as much with a nap – then how can you turn your tub into another productive step in your beauty routine? Read More …

Brighter Than The Sun: How To Tan Your Ghostly White Skin Without Sunlight

28 July 2016
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Not everyone is born with deep skin tones that are envied by everyone around you. It takes a lot just to strip down to your bathing suit to catch some rays. For people who are embarrassed to show just how white their skin is, there are ways to add a rich brown tint to your skin without even stepping out into the sun. The homemade tanning lotions listed below will give your skin that healthy kick of brown color you are looking for. Read More …

How Hair Extensions Can Save Your Summer Hair

27 May 2016
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The dog days of summer mean swimming pools, late nights, and long days out in the sun. While this is enjoyable in most ways, the one part of you that may not love the summer is your hair. Hair is exposed to a lot more UV rays during the summer. And some summer activities, like swimming pools, have a harsh affect on the hair. Here are some ways that hair extensions can help to save your summer hair. Read More …

A Few Reasons To Go To Cosmetology School

24 May 2016
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It is always refreshing to get a new haircut. There are so many different ways that you can have it styled or colored. Most individuals enjoy wearing nice clothes and accessories, but you always wear your hair and skin every single day. For this reason having a haircut and nice skin is the easiest way to look your best. The cosmetologists that help individuals with their beauty are some of the most highly trained professionals in any industry. Read More …

5 Ways To Fight Fizzy Wig Hair

5 April 2016
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One of the best parts about using a human hair wig is that you can style it just like you do your own hair. The only downside to this is that, unlike natural hair, human hair wigs are not able to replace the moisture that is lost during the styling process. Here are five easy ways you can fight against your wig becoming frizzy, coarse and unappealing.  Cut Down On How Often You Wash Your Wig Read More …