5 Ways To Fight Fizzy Wig Hair

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5 Ways To Fight Fizzy Wig Hair

5 April 2016
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One of the best parts about using a human hair wig is that you can style it just like you do your own hair. The only downside to this is that, unlike natural hair, human hair wigs are not able to replace the moisture that is lost during the styling process. Here are five easy ways you can fight against your wig becoming frizzy, coarse and unappealing. 

Cut Down On How Often You Wash Your Wig

Most individuals wash their hair on a daily or semi-daily basis. Your natural hair needs to be washed this frequently because of the oils that it produces. However, your human hair wig does not need to be washed on a daily or semi-daily basis because it is not producing the same oils. In fact, washing your wig too frequently can lead to damage.

If you wear your wig every day, you should wash it once every two weeks or so. If you don't wear your wig every day, washing it at least once a month will work fine. 

Use Natural Products When You Wash Your Wig

When you do wash your wig, stick to natural hair products. Make sure that the products you are using are alcohol-free. Alcohol in your shampoo will dry out your wig; it is okay on natural hair, which will release natural oils to make up for the drying effect of alcohol, but your wig does not produce oils naturally.

You should also use both a shampoo and conditioner that contain natural oils. Look for products that contain natural oils, such as:

  • Emu Oil
  • Yarrow Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Avacado Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Coconut Oil 
  • Tamanu Oil

​This will help replenish the oils that have been lost and will stop your wig from getting frizzy. 

Apply An Anti-Frizz Solution After You Wash Your Wig

After you have washed your wig, apply an anti-frizz solution to your wig. Apply the minimum amount suggested on the anti-frizz solution bottle; you don't want to overdo it. Once again, stick to anti-frizz solutions that are alcohol free and contain natural ingredients. 

Try To Avoid Heat

One of the things that damage natural hair wigs more than anything else is the application of heat. If possible, let your wig dry on its stand after you wash it.

When you want to style your wig, try using foam rollers instead of a curling iron to get the curls that you crave. The more you cut down on how often your wig is exposed to heat, the less frizzy it will be and the longer it will last.

Get It Trimmed

Finally, in order to extend the life of your wig and reduce the frizz, take it in for a cut every once in a while. Have a professional hair dresser cut off the split ends that develop over time with a natural hair wig. This will extend the life of your wig. 

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